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      Welcome to YangZhou GuangXin Heavy industry Co.,Ltd.


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      about us

      There is an old saying in China, "All there clear moonlight night , two hours rogue is Yangzhou" . YangZhou GuangXin Heavy industry Co.,Ltd. ( YangZhou GuangXin Machinery Co.,Ltd. ) is located at YangZhou which is east to Beijing-Shanghai express way,west to Yangni Expressway,south to Nangjing-Nantong Expressway an Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and north to Ninqi Railway Line.With the advanced location and ruansportation facilities, we are ready and able to provide our products with good quality ,and excellent service for our valuable customers.

      As a professional company of pipe jacking machine, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the pipe jacking and tunnel boring machines in diamenters ranging between 400mm and 4000mm such as cutter disks,multi-cutter disks,mud-water balance and others, which are widely used in municipal works in Beijing, Tianjin,Shanghai,Jiangsu,Zhejing,Anhui as well as Guangzhou,Wuhan, Changsha,Kunming,Jinan,Zhenzhou,tec.

      SEARCHPipe jacking machine、Rectangular pipe jacking machine、Slurry balance pipe jacking machine


      Sophisticated equipment, technical navigation

      "To do good work, we must first of its profits," Xin Guang Guang Xin understands this, people only know, first-class management, first-class concept, first-class talent is not enough, but also have sophisticated equipment to represent the enterprise has a strong production capacity, and ensure the excellent quality of products. Guang Xin introduced the international advanced level of production and processing equipment, with high-precision CNC machine tools, large processing equipment and special process equipment, for product quality and enterprise development provides a strong guarantee.

      Yesterday, Guangxin only sky, lofty ideals and high aspirations and enthusiastic, over the years, surging rapids, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore and experienced suffering...

      Today has become the industry pioneer.

      A new business philosophy, excellent talents, advanced management system with high technology, the achievements of the brand to Guang Xin, municipal, ship, metallurgy, machinery and other related fields for the market, the domestic and foreign markets widely expand, sophisticated marketing network, many intimate partners, has become a strong market competitiveness of the industry dark horse.

      Good social prestige and details, and profound corporate culture have formed the perfect connotation system of Guangxin...

      Tomorrow will be better...

      In the new course, Guang Xin people side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart, and to sing, mengjin...


      Realistic, energetic, pioneering and enterprising

      With new win, with sincere Zhiyuan

      Well-designed, scientific management, sincere quality, the supremacy of the owners

      Create value for users, create opportunities for employees, seek development for enterprises, and take responsibility for society


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    5. 25/08/2017

      A device used for digging

      Slurry balance pipe jacking machine is used in large-scale construction, used to play the role of excavation equipment.....

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      The principle of average force should be...

      Follow the average stress principle of pipe jacking machine should be designed in the process, let each pass and roller ...

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      The application of slurry balance pipe j...

      Slurry pipe jacking machine is mainly jacking machine has wide application range, long service life, the application of ...

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      When the pipe jacking machine is in use,...

      When the pipe jacking machine is in use, it is necessary to check whether the pipe jacking machine fails or not, so as t...

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